Watch: Donald Trump rally enlists child band The Freedom Kids for chilling nationalist show

"Enemies of freedom, face the music. Come on, boys, take ‘em down!"

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The Huffington Post called it "warbled creepy jingoism". The NME found it a "haunting Lynchian nightmare". The Mirror described it as an "utterly bizarre North Korean-style propaganda song". Al Jazeera warned "this song will haunt you". And, most damning of all, Perez Hilton labelled it "the new Friday".

And it really is an unsettling and horrifying spectacle. A group of three pre-teen girls, called The Freedom Kids, performed a song at a recent Donald Trump presidential rally in Florida. The bouncy innocence of their joyful dance, merrily hand-clamping and twirling, juxtaposes chillingly with the hardline lyrics. Have a watch:

Brrrrrr. It's like if the US military did a line in children's parties.

“Cowardice (Are you serious?)/Apologies for freedom (I can’t handle this). When freedom rings, answer the call. On your feet, stand up tall. Freedom’s on our shoulders. USA!​

“Enemies of freedom, face the music. Come on, boys, take ‘em down! President Donald Trump knows how to make America great. Deal from strength, or get crushed every time.

“Over here – USA! Over there – USA! Freedom and liberty everywhere. Oh say, can you see it’s not so easy? But we have to stand up tall and answer freedom’s call.”

Those poor children. The best thing about this, though, is that even the Trump supporters in the stands look appalled.


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