Labour staff up for snap election

The party is match-fit for an early contest, Jon Trickett will tell the ruling NEC. 

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Labour is fighting fit for an early election, Jon Trickett will tell the party’s ruling national executive committee tomorrow.

Trickett, who as well as being one of Jeremy Corbyn’s appointees to the NEC, is charge of the party’s election campaign, will lay out the party’s plans to move to bigger offices as it bolsters its campaign apparatus in preparation for an early election, which, sources say, have “accelerated” the leadership’s progress in changing the internal workings of the party.

Digital campaign tools have been significantly upgraded, thanks to the knowhow gathered in two leadership campaign in quick succession. The party will invest in the technology developed during Corbyn’s re-election bid, and is rolling out a new campaign tool, Labour Promote, which will enable local activists to upload campaign adverts directly onto Facebook. Several close aides to the Labour leader believe that Facebook will be second in importance only to the BBC by the time of the next election.
The party has also brought in external consultants to bolster and sharpen its campaigning. The pollster BMG will provide polling and guidance, while Krow Communications, the advertising agency that includes Unicef, Virgin Trains and Team GB athletes among its clients, will assist with shaping and selling the party’s message.

It adds to the feeling of optimism around the leader’s office that, despite the poor position in the polls, they can turn around the current malaise. “We know that when people are asked about our policies they like them,” a Labour source explained, “and the improvements we have made to our campaigning infrastructure will help the party gets its message out more effectively.”

Stephen Bush is political editor of the New Statesman. His daily briefing, Morning Call, provides a quick and essential guide to domestic and global politics. He also co-hosts the New Statesman podcast.

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