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13 March 2017

Liam Fox denies sending tweet – sitting in front of giant picture of said tweet

“I didn’t send that tweet.”

By Media Mole

The disgraced former defence secretary Liam Fox has yet again proven that he doesn’t really know what he’s doing at the top of British politics.

In one of the most stark and delicious live TV gaffes executed by a useless Tory cabinet secretary since Jeremy Hunt lost his bell end, Fox denied sending a tweet he was charged with sending by Sky News’ Sophy Ridge. While sitting in front of a giant screen displaying said tweet.

Watch it here:

“You said, ‘the UK is one of the few countries in the EU that doesn’t need to bury its 20th century history,” Ridge said, gearing up for a question about how inappropriate and offensive comparisons of Brexit to World War II Europe are, especially from ministers. “Now, we often talk about Boris Johnson…”

But, ever sharp, the inexplicable International Trade Secretary dived in: “Just a point of clarification, I didn’t send that tweet.”

With a little triumphant grin and an accusatory pointing finger, he continued: “Number two, it was taken from a speech I made about a year and a half ago it was tweeted out by I think the Guardian, and it was an incomplete reference in any case…”

Sadly for Fox, his little lie on live TV was very much busted by the screen behind him, a triumphant enormous screengrab of, yes, Dr Liam Fox MP (complete with blue tick), sending that very tweet:

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