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4 November 2016updated 12 Oct 2023 10:57am

A new low for UK newspapers: the most hysterical frontpages on the Brexit court ruling

Here are some of the worst headlines about the High Court decision that only MPs can trigger Article 50.

By Media Mole

The right wing press is frothing with printers’ ink and bile at the High Court ruling against the government triggering Article 50 without asking Parliament. Ie. Some of our most powerful media outlets are questioning the concept of an independent judiciary.


Here are the worst ones:

This is your mole’s particular favourite. It enjoys the beautiful contradiction in the two main headlines – which one could almost mistake for a sharp, Private Eye-style parody if it weren’t for the knowledge that the Telegraph has reached its demise as a serious paper. Even your mole’s grandmother has stopped reading it. And she bloody loved the crossword.

Classic, simple us versus them set-up here from the Mail. Pitting three judges (yes, those with an independent role in protecting our freedoms and upholding justice, the SNAKES) against the people (note that a smidgen over half of the population now counts as the entire “people”. That’s 16,141,241 voters who have hereby been unpersoned by the Mail‘s Ministry of Truth.)

Please also note that although the Mail has toned down the homophobia of its online headline, which Stephen expertly skewered yesterday, it is still obsessed with the fact that one of the judges is a fencer.

This is the UK tabloid equivalent of that desperate 4am text you send to an ex you thought you’d finally got over but then you catch a whiff of the aftershave they used to wear and cry in the road.

Also that Union Jack. Come on, guys. Didn’t you learn in journalism school not to use the same design for a front page as a cheap scatter cushion from Primark?

The Sun knows what it’s doing, doesn’t it? Basic EU/you pun, check. Mention of foreigners in derogatory terms, check. Pop at the elite while running adoring pictures of the royal family alongside it, check. Oh, The Sun, never stop being EU.

And here are some of the more measured ones:

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