A Tory MP and former minister is caught attempting to register as a Labour supporter to vote for Jeremy Corbyn

Tim Loughton was upfront about his disruptive intentions - and duly rejected by Labour's vetting process.

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Former Tory children’s minister Tim Loughton MP has been caught trying to sign up as a registered Labour supporter.

With new regulations allowing members of the public to register for £3 until 12 August, Loughton was able to apply via the Labour website.

According to a Guardian article, he did little to disguise his intentions:

In the box at the end of the application it asks: ‘What are your reasons for wanting to become a supporter of the Labour party?’ I put: ‘To vote to Jeremy Corbyn and consign Labour to oblivion for a generation’ and then I got a ‘welcome to the Labour party’ email. I wasn’t exactly hiding my intent.

His application, however, was - unsurprisingly - rejected by an internal vetting system. Responding on Twitter, Labour’s press team thanked Loughton for his donation but explained that, as a Tory, he’s not eligible to vote.

The sign-up form asks would-be affiliates to confirm that they support “the aims and values of the Labour party” and are not a member of any groups opposing it.

I'm a mole, innit.

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