Someone has put the faces of Labour's big names on to Game of Thrones characters

Jeremy Snowe, Tyrian Burnham, Ed Balls as Hodor: finally, Labour's internal politics has a parable.


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Could a Game of Thrones/Labour mash-up be the perfect explainer of the party's current predicament?

Imgur user "bigg10nes" thinks so. They've photoshopped the faces of Labour's big players on to their Game of Thrones equivalent.

Ed Stark, above, was chosen because "his decapitation sparked the war of the four candidates".

There's also Andy Burnham as Tyrion Lannister, Yvette Cooper as Brienne of Tarth and Peter Mendelson as Varys: "simultaneously camp and asexual", but "very influential behind the scenes."

You can see the full set here, but this mole's favourite is definitely Tony Blair as Tywin Lannister.


I'm a mole, innit.

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