A new poll shows Jeremy Corbyn winning on the first round

A second YouGov poll has found Jeremy Corbyn in an even bigger lead.

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A second successive YouGov poll has put Jeremy Corbyn into an even bigger lead than the first - he now wins on the first round, with 53 per cent of the vote. Andy Burnham is a distant second with 21 per cent of the vote. Yvette Cooper is third with 18 per cent. Liz Kendall has eight per cent.

The poll will be a boost to the morale of the Corbyn campaign as it enters the final months, although sources from rival campaigns claimed that their phonebank data showed a much closer fight than indicated by the poll. However, Peter Kellner, YouGov's president, says that he would "personally be astonished" if Corbyn does not go on to win.

A second poll for the deputy leadership shows Tom Watson on course to win in that contest, albeit by a narrower margin than Corbyn's blow-out.


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