"By God, believe in something": watch actor Michael Sheen slam NHS cuts and "bland" politicians

"Burning hatred for the Tory party".

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The actor Michael Sheen has given an impassioned speech condemning cuts to the NHS, and our "bland" politicians, at a St David's Day march. 

During the rally, which was to celebrate the health service's architect, Nye Bevan, the Welsh actor lamented:

No one says they want to get rid of the NHS, everyone praises it . . . But for decades now there has been a systematic undermining of its core values. This is beyond party politics. The Labour government arguably did as much damage to the NHS as any Tory or coalition-led one.

He also railed against the political establishment:

In today’s political climate, where politicians are careful, tentative, scared of saying what they feel for fear . . . all political parties drift into a morass of bland neutrality and the real values we suspect are kept behind closed doors. Is it any wonder that people feel there is little to choose between . . . You must stand up for what you believe, but first of all, by God, believe in something.

To great applause, Sheen approvingly referred to Bevan's "burning hatred for the Tory party".

Watch him here:

Anoosh Chakelian is the New Statesman’s Britain editor.