Ed Miliband's seat looks far safer than we thought, after a polling correction

It's far more likely the Labour leader will keep his constituency, Doncaster North, than was suggested last week.

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Last week, a batch of Lord Ashcroft's marginal polling caused quite a stir with its analysis of Ed Miliband's seat, Doncaster North.

We learnt that Miliband was 12 points ahead in his seat (compared to 26 in 2010), with Ukip in second place. This was a revelation that led to Nigel Farage's party pointing out that they could defeat the Labour leader if Tory voters supported them tactically.

However, the Tory peer and pollster has issued a correction to this poll today, which shows Miliband actually has a very safe lead in his seat: 29 points ahead of Ukip.

Here are the facts:

 - Labour leads Ukip by 29 points in Doncaster North

 - Voters in Doncaster North put Miliband 14 points ahead of David Cameron in the "best Prime Minister" question

 - Doncaster North constituents give Miliband the highest ratings out of the four main party leaders

 - They trust Miliband and Ed Balls more on the economy than they do Cameron and George Osborne

Anoosh Chakelian is the New Statesman’s Britain editor.

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