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31 August 2012

How Not To Spend It: the $290 paper bag

First post of the series.

By Martha Gill

Vasari Clutch
Price: $290
Aesthetic: “Paper bag”
Materials: 100 per cent coated paper

Fashion’s answer to mean children’s answer to uglier children, Jil Sander’s newest design panders to the artist’s particular brand of derelicte, yet the harsh structuring belies a very human design, relatable to humans, as humans already live in a world containing bags, so they’ll basically be fine with it.

The must-have accessory plays wittily into themes of urban renewal and minimalist-chic, venturing into retro, toying with controversial post-modern themes and then raising some interesting points during a BBC Christmas lecture question and answer session. The clever design, well actually it’s not that clever, well, no, that’s unfair, it is quite clever, certainly above-average, 5 A-C grades at GCSE at least, probably not A-level – betrays its minimalist roots: cardboard, glue, and ink. It also makes a statement and things.

IN SUM: this is an accessory for all those who want to approach life with confidence. If you don’t want to approach life with confidence, then fine.

RATING: two Middletons: