In this week's New Statesman: The Food Issue

Raj Patel: feeding the ten billion | Paul Mason reports from Athens | Alex James interview.

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This week's New Statesman is a special issue on food, one of the biggest political challenges of the 21st century.

Inside, Edward Platt explains why we are nine meals away from anarchy, Raj Patel warns that technology alone won't prevent a food crisis, and Henry Dimbleby, co founder of the restaurant Leon, argues that restaurants should up their sustainable game. Elsewhere, Helen Lewis-Hasteley meets the culinary inventor Nathan Myhrvold, and talks to Blur bassist and cheese-maker Alex James.

Also this week, Mehdi Hasan interviews union leader Mark Serwotka, who declares that ministers "don't give a shit" about public-sector workers, Rafael Behr says Cameron and Clegg need to fake it now that romance has gone, Paul Mason reports from inside Athens, and John Pilger says Britain has produced a class of managers to muffle dissent

All this, plus Laurie Penny on Glastonbury, David Blanchflower on who could fall with Greece, and Will Self on the delusion behind Kate Middleton's girl-next-door image.

George Eaton is senior online editor of the New Statesman.

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