Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. What happens if Angela Merkel does get her way (Financial Times)

Irony is an Italian or Spanish exit would probably end up hurting France and Germany more, says Wolfgang Munchau.

2. 'Down with the next Egyptian president' (Guardian)

Whoever is declared the next president of Egypt will not be the person most Egyptians want, says Ahdaf Soueif.

3. Greece election: international action needed more than ever (Guardian)

The global economy can be divided into nations that are in recession, about to go into recession or rapidly losing momentum, writes Larry Elliott.

4. Dithering Europe is heading for the democratic dark ages (Daily Telegraph)

A Greek economy run by Brussels will ignore the lessons of history, leading to more misery, writes Boris Johnson.

5. Cameron fiddles while the Tory brand burns (Times) (£)

The party faces an unthinkable defeat at the next election, says Tim Montgomerie. A relaunch must set a new, robust direction.

6. Mubarak's 300,000-strong army of thugs remains in business (Independent)

The military has played a shrewd game – insisting Mubarak go on trial while helping supporters keep their privileges, writes Robert Fisk.

7. The leaks that are devaluing the Obama doctrine (Financial Times)

Obama’s eagerness to flesh out his national security persona also makes him look cynical, writes Edward Luce.

8. ER is beacon of hope as Europe goes dark (Sun)

The Royal Family was a major unifying presence in the Blitz, writes Trevor Kavanagh. Could they do the same again today?

9. US voters want somebody to reflect on their frailties (Guardian)

Obama and Romney's challenge is to provide a plausible narrative for the crisis without taking responsibility for it, writes Gary Younge.

10. We can't be selective about grammars (Independent)

Friends and foes of grammar schools will be watching to see what signals emerge from the office of Michael Gove, says an Independent leader.

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