The return of Gordon Brown

He’s back. And they love him.

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I am writing this from a dark corner behind the stage at the Labour party conference where Gordon Brown, unnoticed to passing delegates, can be spotted through a tiny window animatedly practising the speech he is about to deliver to the party faithful and media gathered here for the leadership announcement, to follow shortly.

Labour loves its past leaders, and Brown will no doubt go down well. Certainly delegates he passed on his way here leapt to their feet to shake his hand.

Clearly, the main event will be all about the Miliband brothers. But expect an upbeat start.

By the way, there is lots of chatter from people pretending to know the result. It's nonsense. I have it from the very top that no one knows until 15:30.

Stay tuned.

James Macintyre is political correspondent for the New Statesman.
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