Andrew Adonis is right

The Lib Dems have no ideological problem with huge cuts.

Today we learn that Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, is making a "shock" call for 40 per cent cuts across government departments. And, needless to say, David Cameron and the Tories are happy for such a demand to be coming from a figure inside the Liberal Democrats, who are there to provide cover for unpopular moves.

However, it should be noted that the "new" Lib Dems took an early decision actively to agree with the Tories over the need for cuts, one of the facts that will be brought out in the fascinating book being prepared by Andrew Adonis on the coalition talks in the immediate aftermath of the election.

The book will also smash the myth that the Lib Dems had "no alternative" other than to get into bed with the Conservatives.

James Macintyre is political correspondent for the New Statesman.