David Miliband comes out as “anti-zombie”

Amusing exchange in a wide-ranging Labour Uncut interview.

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There is an interesting and wide-ranging interview with David Miliband, the bookies' favourite to be next leader of the Labour Party, on the Labour Uncut website. He talks about why Labour lost, constitutional reform and the police, among other matters.

On a lighter note, however, one passage catches the eye:

Q. Do you know anything about the film Shaun of the Dead?

A. A small amount. I'm not a zombie!

Q. Tell me what you know about the film.

A. I know it's got a lot of zombies in it.

Q. It's about killing zombies.

A. We don't like zombies. We're anti-zombie.

James Macintyre is political correspondent for the New Statesman.
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