Public approval of government's response to pandemic slumps

Boris Johnson and the government's ratings have both slipped into negative figures, new polling for the New Statesman has found.

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Public confidence in Boris Johnson's handling of the coronavirus pandemic has slumped in the past month, polling for the New Statesman has found.

Polling by Redfield and Wilton Strategies found that net approval of the government's response to the virus had fallen to a net figure of minus 17 per cent, compared to 10 per cent net approval in the last New Statesman survey on 30 April.

The fall is particularly sharp among Conservative voters, with the proportion saying the government had handled the crisis well falling from 73 per cent to 55 per cent over the course of the past four weeks.

Boris Johnson's personal ratings are also less than stellar. When asked about the Prime Minister's handling of the pandemic specifically, 37 per cent approve, while 44 per cent disapprove.

His net approval rating on all issues is only 1 per cent, meanwhile, with 41 per cent saying he is doing a good job and 40 per cent saying he is doing a bad job.

Patrick Maguire was political correspondent at the New Statesman.

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