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This week, Rafael Behr and George Eaton join Helen Lewis to discuss Ed Miliband's big speech on political party funding, and what it tells us about the kind of relationship Labour is like to have with the trade unions in the future. They also touch on Raf's interview in this week's magazine with Ukip fundraiser Stuart Wheeler, and debate the who's likely to go up and who down in a Labour reshuffle.

On top of that, I spoke to NS bloggers Kate Belgrave and Alan White about their online series on the coalition's secret cuts. They explain how they've gone about investigating exactly what's happening with things like the Bedroom Tax, the Independent Living Fund and the Personal Independence Payment and who it's affecting the most vulnerable.

We also have NS contributing editor Laurie Penny explaining to Helen Lewis and Carolinen Crampton why she just can't bring herself to enjoy the work of Jane Austen.

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Caroline Crampton is a writer and podcaster. She was formerly an assistant editor at the New Statesman.