Sophie McBain is a features writer at the New Statesman. She is on Twitter as @SEMcBain.

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World View
30 July 2014
The economics of hostage-taking
Cultural Capital
10 July 2014
Wild life drawing.
World View
04 July 2014
No more blacking up for Christmas?
World View
27 June 2014
An antannae fixed to the handle of a blender.
World View
26 June 2014
Barack Obama follows my friend Amir, but won't follow Cameron back.
26 June 2014
Nepotism at the heart of Labour.
World View
23 June 2014
Journalism was on trial in Egypt today.
World View
18 June 2014
Reading Isis's annual reports
World View
12 June 2014
The eighth most common cause of death worldwide.
World View
05 June 2014
I love Al Qaeda.
29 May 2014
Sales of almost £1bn.
23 May 2014
There are few limits to the passion that sourdough can excite.