Sophie McBain is an assistant editor at the New Statesman. She is on Twitter as @SEMcBain.

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25 September 2014
Threat of human extinction.
18 September 2014
Hug it out.
World Affairs
14 September 2014
Third Western hostage killed.
Cultural Capital
02 September 2014
In pursuit of happiness.
World View
20 August 2014
The debt we owe war reporters.
World View
15 August 2014
The pros and cons of weird names.
World View
13 August 2014
Fear and public health.
Cultural Capital
05 August 2014
Charlie Waite exhibition.
World View
30 July 2014
The economics of hostage-taking
Cultural Capital
10 July 2014
Wild life drawing.
World View
04 July 2014
No more blacking up for Christmas?
World View
27 June 2014
An antannae fixed to the handle of a blender.
World View
26 June 2014
Barack Obama follows my friend Amir, but won't follow Cameron back.