30 January 2013
  David Cameron’s Bloomberg address was one of the most vacuous speeches ever heralded as a major policy...
06 October 2011
Nominating a "favourite Tory" is a difficult task for an ideologically inclined social democrat. The claim...
26 September 2011
The Purple Book: a ProgressiveFuture for Labour Edited by Robert PhilpotBiteback, 320pp, £9.99Reassessing New Labour:...
UK Politics
04 July 2011
Ed: the Milibands and the Making of a Labour Leader Mehdi Hasan and James MacintyreBiteback, 320pp, £17.99Don't believe...
10 February 2011
The political novel is rarely an unqualified literary triumph. Novels of political life cannot deal convincingly with...
UK Politics
27 January 2011
Eric Heffer - a belligerent left-winger - broke the news. On the way in to a shadow cabinet meeting, he complained that...
06 January 2011
An obituary - as Anthony Howard, who has died aged 76, would sternly remind me - should be an objective assessment of...
23 December 2010
My hope, and indeed expectation, for 2011 is that Ed Miliband will set out the principles on which the Labour Party's...
21 December 2010
On Tony Howard
UK Politics
18 November 2010
As I drove in to the House of Commons on 22 November 1990, a television reporter shouted from behind her camera, "...
18 October 2010
Henry Mayhew's London Labour and the London Poor is a collection of some of the best descriptive writing in the English...
UK Politics
28 September 2010
Until it was repeated several times in one of Harold Wilson's speeches, I thought that the adjective "pragmatic...
UK Politics
10 September 2010
On Tony Blair's book
14 June 2010
Political diaries have one characteristic in common. According to their authors, they are written not to enhance the...
16 April 2010
If there were an annual prize for Pretentious Book of the Year, Red Tory would be well placed to emerge winner for 2010...