Nicholas Lezard is a literary critic for the Guardian and also writes for the Independent. He writes the Down and Out in London column for the New Statesman.

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Cultural Capital
22 April 2014
Never clean inside a teapot.
08 April 2014
I don’t want to be completely idle but just as William of Ockham advised us not to multiply variables, I do not want to add unnecessarily to my burdens.
Cultural Capital
20 March 2014
But it's unsettling to see a woman trying to make ends meet in such a desperate way, especially when dressed as if for the school run.
Cultural Capital
13 March 2014
A receptacle for books.
Cultural Capital
06 March 2014
Watching BBC1's Outnumbered is less painful now but it's still bitter-sweet.
Cultural Capital
28 February 2014
Searching in vain for chicken soup in Gothenburg.
13 February 2014
The many odours of Nicholas Lezard’s hovel.
12 February 2014
Someone comes round to look at the Hovel with a view to moving into the newly vacated room for six months. I am not...
30 January 2014
Here’s a funny thing: my bedroom has started smelling again. Not a terribly bad smell, but musty and slightly...
23 January 2014
The Beloved is committed to it.
19 December 2013
I have been trying to work out lately whether I am clever or stupid. On the one hand, I have been brooding for some...