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28 June 2013
Oracle's integration partnerships with salesforce.com and NetSuite will have some observers scratching their heads...
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28 February 2013
There was a funny old piece in the Guardian yesterday that was of the opinion that household appliances like toasters...
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06 February 2013
So Michael Dell and a private equity group have bought Dell and taken it private. It’s all Steve Jobs’...
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28 May 2012
US-based application development and middleware firm Progress Software is to sell off 10 "non-core" products...
03 May 2012
Enterprise applications firm Oracle president Mark Hurd says the firm’s hardware business will grow this fiscal...
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13 April 2012
King of the search engines
The Staggers
20 December 2011
We now know that certain tabloids including the News of The World covertly gained access to the voicemails of all sorts...
The Staggers
25 November 2011
It's been announced that ten British companies are to lead government-backed research, development and demonstration...
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07 October 2011
The sad death of Steve Jobs at the age of 56 yesterday was greeted by an outpouring of grief on the internet, and a...
The Staggers
08 September 2011
A recent add-on for popular web browsers is claimed to help you avoid accidentally visiting the websites of the Daily...
The Staggers
25 August 2011
What now for Apple?
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19 July 2011
News yesterday that the Sun was hacked by LulzSec is just the latest in a long line of impressive hacks, but it again...
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11 July 2011
Cat's eyes were a beautifully simple invention by Englishman Percy Shaw, and are thought to have saved countless lives...
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10 June 2011
The revelations in the Daily Telegraph today that there was a plot code-named 'Project Volvo' that sought to unseat...
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12 May 2011
Just £1,000