Alexis Tsipras cheers at exit poll results in Athens. Photo: Milos Bicanski/Getty Images
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The new Greek Prime Minister's first tweet after winning the election was to Hugh Laurie

"Thank you Dr".

Leaders across the globe have rushed to comment on the news that Syriza has won a historic victory in the Greek elections this weekend. In his first and only tweet since winning, at the time of writing, party leader Alexis Tsipras found only one of these online voices worthy of response. But who? Merkel? Cameron? Obama? 

No, it was of course comedian and House star Hugh Laurie, who (sort of) congratulated Tsipras last night.

On a day full of unanswered questions, it remains unclear as to whether Greece's new PM is a fan of the reality series Storage Wars.

I'm a mole, innit.

Still from New York Times video.
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Watch: Lame Bernie brocialists boo mentions of Hillary Clinton as they’d rather have Donald Trump for President

Ardent Bernie Sanders fans unsurprisingly feel privileged enough to denounce the prospect of a Democratic win at the Democratic National Convention.

Some Bernie Sanders supporters at the Democratic National Convention have taken it upon themselves to boo every time Hillary Clinton’s name is mentioned.

Even when the tortoise-man messiah himself was endorsing her for President in a speech, they kicked up a fuss, leading to Sanders’ campaign team sending out texts and emails begging supporters not to protest on the conference floor.

Video: New York Times

Your mole’s particular favourite is the guy in the above video shouting “NO NO NO NO” over and over again, the strangled battle-cry of centuries of loser bros against the disgusting idea of liberal female leadership.

The predominantly white, middle-class, brocialist contingent clearly couldn’t care less whether there is a Democrat in the White House to stick up for the rights of all the people their preferred candidate purports to defend.

Also revealing of their wilful privileged blindness to those who would actually benefit from a Democratic win was the anti-TTIP chanting during a speech by African-American congressman Elijah Cummings promoting racial equality.

If your own intellectual fury about a trade deal that hasn’t even happened yet is more important to you than listening respectfully to a black Democrat addressing the floor about fighting discrimination, then maybe Donald Trump is the man for you after all.

I'm a mole, innit.