The New Statesman Essay - Cities without care or connection
By Richard Sennett - 05 June 13:00

New capitalism is destroying the richness of urban life, argues Richard Sennett

The New Statesman Essay - The Pangean catastrophe
By Chris Lavers - 29 May 13:00

Millions of years ago, disaster hit Earth, killing 95 per cent of all species. What caused it? Condi

The New Statesman Essay - Let's cram more into the city

Far from being overcrowded, England's cities are too empty. New homes should be in town centres. By

The New Statesman Essay - The road to the good society
By Amitai Etzioni - 15 May 13:00

The Third Way is doomed unless the rich change their ways

The New Statesman Essay - Why we should all get a state income
By Robert Goodin - 08 May 13:00

Governments are trying to cut back on welfare at just the time when the other pillars of social supp

The New Statesman Essay - History as a Banana Republic accessory
By Ziauddin Sardar - 01 May 13:00

With schoolchildren being taught virtual history, we are in danger of forgetting the sins of our for

The New Statesman Essay - When it's right to be a Luddite
By Colin Tudge - 24 April 13:00

Forget risk. The big question is: will GM foods give more freedom to ordinary people or more power t

The New Statesman Essay - The rise of the ergonarchy
By Fay Weldon - 17 April 13:00

We could have the leisure society if we wanted it. But Samuel Smiles won; our lives are ruled by a w

The New Statesman Essay - Don't let the right hijack enterprise
By Will Hutton & Madsen Pirie - 10 April 13:00

The minimal state isn't good for business. To get started, even Microsoft needed help from big compa

The New Statesman Essay - Great hatred, little room
By Geoffrey Wheatcroft - 03 April 13:00

Geoffrey Wheatcrofton the clash of cultures that created anti-hunting passions

The New Statesman Essay - How we have lost the joy of sex
By Ziauddin Sardar - 27 March 13:00

In a world full of sensual images, why has sexual misery never been greater? Ziauddin Sardarblames e

The New Statesman Essay - The paradox of Tony Blair
By David Marquand - 20 March 12:00

Why does new Labour, after giving away power, remain so centralist in its instincts? David Marquand

The New Statesman Essay - How an egalitarian can be an elitist
By Patricia Hewitt - 21 February 12:00

What is best for the economy is also best for social justice

The New Statesman Essay - Why I am really a progressive
By Melanie Phillips - 14 February 12:00

Melanie Phillips is regarded by some as an apologist for the authoritarian right. She argues that sh

The New Statesman Essay - New Labour needs a moral compass
By Alan Ryan - 07 February 12:00

Alan Ryan argues that Blair's guiding light should be the Liberalism of 1906

The New Statesman Essay - The tyranny of the brands
By Naomi Klein - 24 January 12:00

Naomi Kleinon how Nike, Gap, McDonald's and their like have turned the whole world into a marketing

The New Statesman Essay - How to bring back collectivism
By Robin Blackburn - 17 January 12:00

You thought pension funds were for capitalists? Robin Blackburnargues that they could provide a new

The New Statesman Essay - Towards a green common sense
By Ben Rogers - 10 January 12:00

Must our affection for songbirds depend on deep, foggy metaphysics? Ben Rogers argues for a more sec

The New Statesman Christmas Essay - The heart has its reasons
By Richard Hoggart - 20 December 12:00

<em>New Statesman Christmas</em> - Richard Hoggart, an unbeliever, tries to find the source of moral

The New Statesman Essay - Now for a really conservative century
By Andrew Marr - 20 December 12:00

<em>New Statesman Millennium</em> - Andrew Marr fears that the next hundred years could make this de

The New Statesman Essay - Bring back the e-word
By Peter Kellner - 13 December 12:00

Peter Kellner argues that a new century requires a new definition of equality

The New Statesman Essay - Beyond the nation state
By Ulrich Beck - 06 December 12:00

Globalisation has killed the old politics, writesUlrich Beck. We must invent a new form

The New Statesman Essay - The tyranny of the list
By Ziauddin Sardar - 15 November 12:00

Ziauddin Sardar denounces Books of the Century and all similar compilations

The New Statesman Essay - To uplift the souls of the people
By Ben Pimlott - 08 November 12:00

Blair's call for moral purpose echoes a very old Labour theme

The New Statesman Essay - The only answer is "Yes"
By Hugo Young - 01 November 12:00

Sceptics pretend that we still have a choice over Europe. It is a dangerous deception, argues Hugo Y

The New Statesman Essay - Why the old left is wrong on equality
By Anthony Giddens - 25 October 13:00

If you want social justice, stop demanding more income tax, writes Anthony Giddens. The Third Way ha

The New Statesman Essay - When democracy doesn't work
By Stuart Hampson - 11 October 13:00

Stuart Hampson argues that ministers and MPs should stop fussing over details

The New Statesman Essay - A birthday gift for every teenager
By Julian Le Grand - 04 October 13:00

Julian Le Grand and <strong>David Nissan</strong>on a modern way to redistribute wealth

The New Statesman Essay - The old Labour rocks re-emerge
By David Marquand - 27 September 13:00

Blair hasn't changed his party's anti-liberal culture, argues David Marquand

The New Statesman Essay - History isn't always a cock up
By Frank McLynn - 20 September 13:00

Frank McLynn argues that conspiracy theories sometimes happen to be right