The New College is a business designed to profit from fear
By James Ladyman - 08 June 11:32

People are worried about the future of universities. An elite college stuffed with celebrities is no

The NS Interview: David Starkey, historian
By Sophie Elmhirst - 04 May 18:49

“From one queen to another. Oh, I’ve written my own headline”

By Sophie Elmhirst - 29 April 9:47

Untangle your bunting, unpack your Union Jack pyjamas, ceremonially position your souvenir mug collection on the freshly dusted windowsill, for it is here: the ro-o-o-yal wedding!

The formula of life: the maths behind a zebra's stripes, and a leopard's spots
By Ian Stewart - 27 April 12:45

Biology is undergoing a renaissance as scientists apply mathematical ideas to old theory. 

An interview with Sam Harris
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 25 April 16:52

The complete transcript.

Science and religion don't have to be enemies
By Martin Rees - 23 April 10:34

Richard Dawkins called him a "compliant quisling" for accepting the Templeton Prize. Here, Martin Re

The NS Profile: Sam Harris
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 20 April 14:03

Sam Harris, one of the “Four Horsemen” of new atheism, believes that science can never be reconciled

"Observergate" and academic freedom
By Thom Brooks - 15 April 16:16

It's time for the AHRC to remove all reference to the "Big Society" from its documents.

A country for old men
By Jon Cruddas - 07 April 17:08

Labour needs to discover a politics of tradition and English virtue, says Jon Cruddas.

On being mixed-race
By Samira Shackle - 07 April 17:07

I grew up thinking of myself as equally English and Pakistani, writes Samira Shackle. Was I wrong?

Why Richard Dawkins is the best argument for the existence of God
By Russell Brand - 07 April 17:02

Russell Brand questions Richard Dawkins, explains Transcendental Meditation . . . and offers readers

How we rub along together
By Mehdi Hasan - 07 April 9:34

When my father arrived in England in the Sixties, he was welcomed with dog mess through his letter b

Word Games: Meltdown
By Sophie Elmhirst - 31 March 13:01

Nuclear" is, to borrow a marketing phrase, a high-impact word. It implies power or destruction on a grand scale, which is strange, given its microscopic origins.

The Osborne ultimatum
By Robert Skidelsky - 31 March 12:52

The ideas of two dead economists, David Ricardo and J M Keynes, are shaping the cuts debate. The coa

Don't play politics with academic freedom
By James Ladyman - 30 March 17:00

By encouraging research on the "big society", the Arts and Humanities Research Council sets a danger

Ethical dimensions of an interventionist foreign policy
By Jason Cowley - 24 March 13:38

A fine essay by John Stuart Mill, first published in 1859, offers keen insight.

Notes in the Margin: Intelligent life
By Daniel Trilling - 24 March 13:34

A couple of hundred politically engaged and enthusiastic twentysomethings pack out a lecture hall in central London.

Word Games: Happy
By Sophie Elmhirst - 24 March 13:32

A recent Gallup poll asked people in different countries how happy they were. Denmark won the race, with 82 per cent of respondents saying they were happy. In China, only 6 per cent ticked the happy box.

Do we need a census when we have Facebook?
By James Harkin - 24 March 13:30

This month, we are being ordered to fill in our census forms. But why should we help the state force

Choose Darwin over Dickens
By Robin Ince - 27 February 12:31

Why are arts graduates so proud to be ignorant of science?

Sound clash of the thinkers! It’s de Botton v Skidelsky
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 24 February 15:04

For decades, philosophers spoke only to each other. But that is changing as they once more reconnect

Learn from the mob professor
By Will Self - 24 February 14:58

It's been a fantastic three months for those of us gripped by the dynamics of crowds.

The Books Interview: Nicholas Humphrey
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 17 February 11:46

Solving the problem of consciousness.

Where are today’s political intellectuals?
By Jason Cowley - 10 February 9:49

Once, we had Gladstone and Disraeli. Now, we have Clegg and Cameron.

Word Games: Resign
By Sophie Elmhirst - 03 February 11:02

They dropped like proverbial flies.

Michael Chanan's video blog: On Campus
By Staff blogger - 02 February 16:44

FILM: Terry Eagleton and others on the anti-cuts movement.

Back to the futurism
By Alex Danchev - 27 January 14:04

A performance, a provocation, self-promotion — beginning with Marinetti’s mission statement in 1909,

Word Games: Telegentsia
By Sophie Elmhirst - 27 January 13:06

Sometimes a word comes along that makes you feel sick. It doesn't happen very often. But when it does, you sense it deep in the gut: word-nausea is visceral. Enter "telegentsia".

The Observer and US - based conference and events organisation TED to hold one day "festival of ideas"
By Dominic Ponsford - 24 January 11:18

The Observer and US-based conference and events organisation TED to hold one day "festival of ideas

What If . . . We'd spared the Volunteers
By Dominic Sandbrook - 20 January 15:29

Dublin, 1916. After seven days of savage fighting and at a cost of almost 200 lives, the Easter Rising is over.