Mark Kermode - Roller-coaster ride
By Mark Kermode - 06 December 12:00

Film - Technological feast of seasonal thrills has little substance, writes Mark Kermode

The Po

Class conscious - Andrew Martin finds class war in the cinema
By Andrew Martin - 29 November 12:00

The cinema has become the scene of ugly, vicious class confrontations

Mark Kermode - Heart of the matter
By Mark Kermode - 29 November 12:00

An existential investigation uncovers a lot of hot air. By Mark Kermode

I Heart Huckabees (15)

Mark Kermode - Close encounters
By Mark Kermode - 22 November 12:00

Film - An "unfilmable" novel has produced the best of British by Mark Kermode

Enduring Love (15

Gaijin takeaway
By Ian G Mason - 22 November 12:00

America may seem an ever more dominant force in the world's film industry, but Hollywood has long be

The accidental hero
By Michael Coveney - 15 November 12:00

Encounters - An overnight sensation after 30 years, Bill Nighy talks films, booze and sex with Micha

Big girls' pants
By Mark Kermode - 15 November 12:00

Film - Bawdy comic treats redeem clumsy cinema-by-numbers. By Mark Kermode

Bridget Jones: The E

Mark Kermode - Baby, come back
By Mark Kermode - 08 November 12:00

An eerie drama of life beyond death is marred by its storyline. By Mark Kermode

Birth (15)

Mark Kermode - The devil's work
By Mark Kermode - 01 November 12:00

Film - Hollywood may cause despair, but Britain offers hope. By Mark Kermode

Exorcist: The Begi

And the Oscar/Turner/Whitbread goes to . . .
By Louise Jury - 01 November 12:00

From the Booker in October to the Orange in May, the arts calendar is dominated by prize ceremonies.

Mark Kermode - A poor substitute
By Mark Kermode - 25 October 13:00

Jude Law's cuddly customer is no match for the sexy original. By Mark Kermode

Alfie (15)

Mark Kermode - Troubled waters
By Mark Kermode - 18 October 13:00

Film - One fishy flick is a flop, another may upset some stomachs. By Mark Kermode

Shark Tale (

Return of the Native
By Louise Jury - 18 October 13:00

With low-budget, politically searching British pictures, foreign-language movies and restored classi

From Hollywood, for our eyes only
By Samuel Blake - 11 October 13:00

Observations on advertisements

Mark Kermode - Elvis lives!
By Mark Kermode - 11 October 13:00

The King conjures up his former self to battle against evil. By Mark Kermode

Bubba Ho-tep (15)

When Harvey met Mickey
By Ian G Mason - 11 October 13:00

The Weinstein brothers, renowned for their cut-and-thrust style of producing films, have turned Mira

Mark Kermode - Strange lives
By Mark Kermode - 04 October 13:00

As two men are raised from the dead, one will turn in his grave, writes Mark Kermode

The Life a

Well blow me down!
By Dan Hancox - 04 October 13:00

Pirate culture - Shiver me timbers and pieces of eight: learning how to speak like Bluebeard and co

Diary - Francine Stock
By Francine Stock - 27 September 13:00

I interview Denzel Washington and he defends his latest film - graphic violence juxtaposed with reli

Irrelevant Cautious Antique
By Sarah Kent - 20 September 13:00

It was the stuff of rows in parliament, the most outrageous gallery in Britain. But the Institute of

Mark Kermode - True romance
By Mark Kermode - 20 September 13:00

Film - A convincing couple compare well with a tragic mismatch. By Mark Kermode

Ae Fond Kiss (1

Mark Kermode - Visual feast
By Mark Kermode - 13 September 13:00

An educational documentary with a car-crash-style allure. By Mark Kermode

Super Size Me (12A)

Diary - Neil Tennant
By Neil Tennant - 13 September 13:00

"Is this Tony Banks?" I asked James Fox. "No," he remonstrated. "Tony Blair." Three and a half years

We want love, actually
By Kate Gardner - 06 September 13:00

The happy ending - Kate Gardner wonders why feature films are ditching the feel-good moment as the c

Mark Kermode - Flight of fancy
By Mark Kermode - 06 September 13:00

Film - Spielberg's latest proves he is on the runway to recovery, writes Mark Kermode

The Termi

Mark Kermode - Learning curves
By Mark Kermode - 30 August 13:00

Film - A note-perfect blend of the personal and the political. By Mark Kermode

The Motorcycle D

Mark Kermode - Beasts in the night
By Mark Kermode - 23 August 13:00

Film - At last - a fantasy that engages the mind as well as the heart. By Mark Kermode

The Vill

Mark Kermode - Bourne to run
By Mark Kermode - 16 August 13:00

A thriller that's full of the chase and the new wave from Korea. By Mark Kermode

The Bourne Sup

Mark Kermode - Eastern promise
By Mark Kermode - 09 August 13:00

A dazzling, befuddling prequel and a visually poetic work. By Mark Kermode

Infernal Affairs II

Mark Kermode - Misogynist plot
By Mark Kermode - 02 August 13:00

Film - A remake that dazzles the eye and dulls the brain. By Mark Kermode

The Stepford Wives (1