Second time lucky?
By Ryan Gilbey - 06 March 12:00

Two directors follow up their promising debuts - with varying results

<strong>Garage (18)</strong

Imperfect Harmony
By Daniel Trilling - 06 March 12:00

At 22, Harmony Korine was Hollywood's hottest property. Five years later he was down and out on the

Reggae revolution
By Justine Henzell - 06 March 12:00

Perry Henzell created Jamaica's first feature film against all the odds, writes his daughter.

Odd books and Oscars
By Nichi Hodgson - 29 February 17:46

Anthony D’Offay's generosity hasn't gone down well in all quarters, this week in the arts world

The buck stops here
By Ryan Gilbey - 28 February 12:00

Hollywood money is turning indie film into a bankable but clichéd affair

Hollywood reborn
By Ryan Gilbey - 28 February 12:00

This year's Oscars signal a remarkable cultural renaissance for America in the twilight of the Bush

Don't call it a comeback
By Ryan Gilbey - 21 February 12:00

Two giants of world cinema return in understated fashion, with mixed results

Life after death
By Colin MacCabe - 21 February 12:00

When Colin MacCabe heard that Derek Jarman was grievously ill, he went to Dungeness to record a last

Trouble brewing and Ginsberg howls again
By Milly Getachew - 15 February 15:11

Art heists, ethics, and Beyonce in Aretha’s bad books

The elephant in the foyer
By Ryan Gilbey - 14 February 12:00

Bollywood is often ignored by the mainstream media - and that's our loss

Eastern eyes
By Rachel Aspden - 14 February 12:00

Female film-makers across the Middle East are hindered by state censorship and competition from Holl

The wisdom of 50 Cent
By Milly Getachew - 08 February 16:43

Prince Charles and rapper 50 Cent offer us valuable insights, while confused audiences spurn Sweeney

Power, corruption and lies
By Ryan Gilbey - 07 February 12:00

Lead actor and director both shine in a drama dripping with foreboding.

Forgeries, freeconomics and Freddie Krueger
By Milly Getachew - 04 February 12:06

Britain's government wants fans involved in the arts, while Israel's says "sorry" to dead pop stars.

Can't stop the music
By Viv Groskop - 31 January 12:00

Woody Allen regards Scarlett Johansson as a muse and has cast her in two films, comparing her to Mar

Off-screen show-off
By Ryan Gilbey - 31 January 12:00

The paralysed main character of this biopic is upstaged by the director himself

A soldier's tale
By Stephen Armstrong - 31 January 12:00

Aged 17, Elliot Ruiz became the youngest US marine serving in Iraq. Now he has channelled his experi

Sing for your supper
By Ryan Gilbey - 24 January 12:00

Tim Burton's Gothic revenge tragedy is a treat for eyes and ears alike

Butterfly collector
By Rebecca Davies - 24 January 12:00

With his stunning aesthetic sense and love of storytelling, Julian Schnabel has become one of world

Cold War returns
By Ben du Preez - 18 January 16:40

The similarities between Afghanistan and Indiana, USA plus other tales from the arts world

Welcome to the fight club
By Ryan Gilbey - 17 January 12:00

The Coen brothers' critique of violence seems hypocritical, given all the carnage

The “phew!” factor
By Ryan Gilbey - 10 January 12:00

Two new releases showcase Philip Seymour Hoffman's formidable talents

The way I see it: Bahman Ghobadi
By Staff blogger - 10 January 0:00

Ghobadi is a Kurdish-Iranian film director. His first feature, “A Time for Drunken Horses” (2000), w

It may be tripe, but it's my tripe
By Ben du Preez - 07 January 10:02

While the New Year gongs are doled out, the passing of George MacDonald Fraser is mourned. Elsewhere

The last supper
By Ryan Gilbey - 03 January 12:00

This Romanian thriller may put you off your food, but it's a treat all the same

<strong>4 Months,

Interview: Ang Lee
By Rebecca Davies - 03 January 12:00

Following his smash hit <em>Brokeback Mountain</em>, Ang Lee is back with a sexually explicit film s

Live the world, don't tell the story
By Bill Thompson - 13 December 12:00

The games industry doesn't need to model itself on the film industry, argues Bill Thompson

Curse of the multiplexes
By Ryan Gilbey - 13 December 12:00

Like this year, 2008 will bring great films - but you'll be lucky to see them

The way I see it: Raymond Briggs
By Staff blogger - 13 December 0:00

Raymond Briggs’s classic children’s book “The Snowman” has been re-released on audio CD, narrated by

How Catholic-bashing became respectable
By Melanie McDonagh - 06 December 12:00

It is worth asking in passing whether Jews could now be depicted with the same idiom as is now being