Lucky man
By Alex Cox - 07 August 10:21

Clint Eastwood is acclaimed for his work as both an actor and a director, but the Hollywood star owe

A history of violence
By Damian Platt - 31 July 10:07

Elite Squad, the latest film about Rio’s favelas, fails to raise the real issues around police bruta

The joke is on us
By Ryan Gilbey - 31 July 10:07

Provocative social commentary is the order of the day with this US comedian

<strong>Sarah Silverm

Stopping Music Piracy
By Jonathan Theodore - 28 July 12:59

Slap on the wrist

Dark was the knight, cold was the clown
By Ryan Gilbey - 24 July 10:18

Despite the presence of the Joker, this superhero franchise is grimmer than ever

<strong>The Dark

The way I see it: Hana Makhmalbaf
By Staff blogger - 24 July 10:18

Makhmalbaf, aged 19, is a film director from Iran. Her debut feature, “Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame

Edinburgh, open city
By Staff blogger - 24 July 10:18

Every August, the Scottish capital plays host to the world's biggest season of arts events. Here, NS

Animated racism
By Jonathan Theodore - 21 July 13:19

No fairy-tale

The golden age of animation
By Ryan Gilbey - 17 July 10:22

Pixar makes yet another great leap forward with its latest release

<strong>WALL·E (U)</strong>

Small screen, bigger picture
By Ryan Gilbey - 17 July 10:22

When the NS film critic Ryan Gilbey started watching the HBO series The Wire, cinema suddenly began

A Holy Grail?
By Jonathan Theodore - 14 July 10:17

Footage containing the missing quarter of Metropolis (1927), long deemed forever lost, has been discovered in a

Money, money, money
By Ryan Gilbey - 10 July 10:18

Plot and dialogue are incidental to this cash-in on Abba's back catalogue

<strong>Mamma Mia! (P

Spot the fake
By Heather McRobie - 04 July 15:31

After admitting that around one third of its Coptic art collection was fake, the Brooklyn Museum of Art has

Keeping it low-key
By Ryan Gilbey - 03 July 10:29

A talented writer-director bangs the drum for plain, unremarkable lives

<strong>The Visitor (

A less than fantastic voyage
By Ryan Gilbey - 26 June 10:24

Devoid of tension, Narnia is a much duller place the second time around

<strong>The Chronicles of

A talent in need of nurture
By Ryan Gilbey - 19 June 11:15

Stylistic gusto fails to hide the flimsy nature of this Dylan Thomas biopic

<strong>The Edge of Lo

Heart of darkness
By Ryan Gilbey - 12 June 10:20

A low hum of horror pervades this exposé of US abuses in Afghanistan

<strong>Taxi to the Dark Side

Everything up for grabs
By Antonia Quirke - 05 June 10:43

<strong>Scenes from a Revolution: the Birth of the New Hollywood</strong>

Mark Harris


Parental misguidance
By Ryan Gilbey - 05 June 10:43

Ben Affleck's directorial debut surpasses anything he's done before

<strong>Gone Baby Gone (15)</s

Seu Jorge
By aloysiusmcd - 05 June 10:43

Seu Jorge starred in the film “City of God” and has released several critically acclaimed albums. Hi

A woman's right to shoes
By Ryan Gilbey - 29 May 13:00

Miseryguts and Lobotomy Woman in a tale of gormless materialism

<strong>Sex and the City (15)</str

Inside the Maze
By Richard Brooks - 29 May 13:00

Steve McQueen, the UK's official war artist for Iraq, scored a hit at Cannes with a feature film abo

Musing the muse
By Grace Shortland - 26 May 13:54

When Lucien Freud’s painting Benefits Supervisor Sleeping was sold last week for £17.2m arts columns nationwide began murmuring about capitalism, commodity culture and – crucially – the role of the artist’s

Flogging a dead franchise
By Ryan Gilbey - 22 May 13:00

The latest Indiana Jones shows little of Spielberg's usual pizzazz

<strong>Indiana Jones and the

Home and Away
By Natasha Periyan - 16 May 18:12

From air-kissing New Yorkers in London to wistful Palestinians in Dubai - we go globetrotting as Nat

Tales from the dark side
By Ryan Gilbey - 15 May 13:00

Two directors explore less savoury aspects of human morality

<strong>Terror's Advocate (12A)</str

What's happened to black theatre?
By Natasha Periyan - 10 May 8:32

Missed opportunities

Lights! Camera! Fiction!
By Chris Weitz - 08 May 13:00

A hundred years ago the job of screenwriter didn't exist in the early film business; today the scrip

It's just me, myself and I
By Ryan Gilbey - 08 May 13:00

Morgan Spurlock's documentary is a masterclass in vain, glib navel-gazing

<strong>Where in the Wor

Don't look now
By Ryan Gilbey - 01 May 13:00

A gender-bending teen drama plays with the viewer's role as voyeur

<strong>XXY (15)</strong>