A fisherman holding a haddock. Photo: Getty
Selling off the sea: how our fish lost their freedom to market forces
By Emma Cardwell - 21 July 17:19

Over the last two decades, there has been a silent, neoliberal revolution in our oceans.

An activist dressed as the grim reaper with his scythe through a globe. Photo: Getty
Would climate change activists further their cause by switching from a narrative of doom to one of love?
By India Bourke - 18 June 11:48

Analysing the most effective genres of environmental storytelling.

Tessa Jowell waits stage-side at Labour Party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Can anyone stop Tessa Jowell?
By Stephen Bush - 03 June 8:00

Labour's disappointing showing in London has recalibrated that party's Mayoral race - and the winner is Tessa Jowell.

Patrolling areas of the Mediterranean for illegal driftnets, Jun 2013. Photo © by Chris Grodotzki
How a Dutch violin maker is confronting illegal fishing
By Xan Rice - 21 May 11:12

With up to one-third of fish harvested in European waters caught illegally, the Black Fish’s Citizen Inspector Network is going undercover.

High-street healer: the Reverend Billy preaches anti-consumerism. Photo: David X Pritting/BFANYC.com/Rex
The radical reverend who preaches anti-consumerism
By Erica Wagner - 21 May 11:00

Talen and the Stop Shopping Choir have been preaching an anti-consumerist message outside banks and shops for fifteen years.

Britain's climate sceptics' dishonest tactics need to stop
By Bob Ward - 20 March 12:55

Climate sceptics are turning to increasingly tricky ruses to hide their motives.

Stacked peat turf in Connemara. Photo: Tim Graham/Rex
Getting bogged down: why we all need to fight the peat wars
By John Burnside - 27 January 11:13

94 percent of our peat bogs have been destroyed. Saving them is a vital step in securing our planet's future.

Growing appeal: the Green Party's only MP, Caroline Lucas. Photo: David Levene/Eyevine
Caroline Lucas, still awaiting the Green moment
By Tim Wigmore - 06 November 10:00

In 2010, there was little to suggest that Ukip would comprehensively surpass the Greens. While Lucas won the seat of Brighton Pavilion, Nigel Farage came in third when he tried to oust John Bercow in Buckingham.

Houses not covered by the coalition's Flood Re scheme could become uninsurable. Photo: Getty
Labour is right: it’s the government’s duty to protect people from climate change
By Guy Shrubsole - 12 August 17:29

New Conservative Environment Secretary Liz Truss ahd her Lib Dem coalition partners need to be clear on how they will better protect Britain from climate change.

On climate change and other issues, parliamentarians are ignoring the evidence.
MPs who reject science are undermining the public interest
By Bob Ward - 30 July 10:59

On climate change and other issues, parliamentarians are ignoring the evidence. 

People need to be able to feel they can effect change in their own backyard before they can change the world.
To build a popular environmentalism we need to restore people's pride of place
By Ed Wallis - 09 June 18:57

People need to be able to feel they can effect change in their own backyard before they can change the world.

They're wrong: John Oliver prepares to do battle with climate deniers
“You don’t need people’s opinions on a fact”: how to debate a climate-change denier, according to John Oliver
By Hillary Kelly - 13 May 14:48

John Oliver, once of The Daily Show, and America's “Science Guy” Bill Nye show the world how to debate with climate-change deniers. 

More than the floods, it is interventions by politicians.
Climate change has finally returned as a mainstream issue
By Guy Shrubsole - 19 February 14:54

More than the floods, it is interventions by politicians that have led to a spike in public concern.

Cameron's flooding review must test the nation's preparedness for climate change
By Guy Shrubsole - 14 January 11:20

To date, the coalition has unforgivably weakened Britain's climate adaptation plans.

Naomi Klein: How science is telling us all to revolt
By Naomi Klein - 29 October 10:00

Is our relentless quest for economic growth killing the planet? Climate scientists have seen the data – and they are coming to some incendiary conclusions.

Climate change: the scientific debate is over. Political and policy action must start now
By Natalie Bennett - 27 September 14:33

The IPCC report has given the government a wake-up call.

The Fiddlers Ferry Power Station sits under a brooding sky in Cheshire
Denying climate change is worse than spreading the usual kind of conspiracy theory: it costs lives
By Mehdi Hasan - 26 September 11:00

Worse than the dottiest 9/11 conspiracy theorists, climate-change deniers — from our Tory Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, to the US senator James Inhofe — are dawdling as the world’s poorest die.

New Statesman
Why fracking is not the solution
By Bianca Jagger - 19 September 8:47

There are clear conflicts of interest over the sources of the government’s advice on fracking. In 2012, Cameron was committed to renewable energy - what changed?

Holy Island.
The top 10 most desolate places in the north east
By Philip Maughan - 30 July 15:56

Lord Howell of Guildford has suggested the "desolate" north east would be the perfect place for fracking, and you can really see what he means.

By giving a platform to climate change sceptics, the BBC is misleading the public
By Bob Ward - 24 July 16:09

The corporation is sacrificing accuracy by being impartial between facts and fictions.

The man the right wants to replace Tim Yeo.
Why is the right silent over Peter Lilley's links to the oil industry?
By George Eaton - 11 June 10:56

The Tory MP the right wants to replace Tim Yeo as chair of the energy and climate change committee has been paid £70,500 by oil company Tethys Petroleum since 2012.

David Cameron has two weeks to save the world
By Richard Darlington - 08 June 8:13

At three big international summits being held in the UK over the next fortnight, nothing less than the fate of the world’s poorest people is at stake.

On the Thames estuary
By Caroline Crampton - 15 May 10:42

"The estuary doesn’t yield all its secrets on first glance. An hour or so out from the Isle of Sheppey, we arrive at seven bizarre constructions that look as if they belong in War of the Worlds..."

Why have Tory MEPs rejected a free market solution to climate change?
By Matthew Spencer - 18 April 16:04

By sabotaging reform of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, Conservative MEPs have shown that they can't be relied upon to champion British interests in Europe.

Young women hiking on the Chiltern Hills
You don't have to wear tweed and cry "tally-ho" to enjoy the outdoors
By Aisha Gani - 14 March 18:51

Young women from BME backgrounds are discovering that there's more to hiking than the white middle class stereotype.

Boris Johnson's climate change "scepticism" is an embarrassment to London's scientists
By Bob Ward - 23 January 15:07

The Mayor's suggestion that we are heading for a "mini Ice Age"shows that he does not understand the basic science behind global warming.

Green social democracy can rescue capitalism from itself
By Michael Jacobs - 19 January 10:28

A growing number of businesses recognise that their self-interest is best served by an economy that is not fatally undermined by climate change.

Tewkesbury is submerged in receding flood waters of the River Severn and Avon
The drowned world
By Edward Platt - 03 January 6:27

As the planet warms, extreme weather is becoming a part of our daily life, but Britain is still ill-equipped to cope with the floods.

The coalition's support for fracking is based on ideology, not evidence
By Lawrence Carter - 13 December 15:40

The government's dash for gas will increase energy bills, not reduce them.

Enough is enough: this dash for gas has gone too far
By Guy Shrubsole - 08 November 10:43

Osborne's dogmatism will keep Britain hooked on expensive foreign imports and do nothing to tackle high fuel bills.