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A new poll shows huge landslide for Jeremy Corbyn

A YouGov poll of Labour members shows that the Labour leader is going nowhere.

Jeremy Corbyn's opponents have been dealt a blow by a new YouGov poll showing that 53 per cent of Labour members believe that he should lead the party into the next general election - even if Labour perform badly in the May elections, and despite the fact that just 47 per cent of party members believe it is "likely" that they will win the next election under his leadership. 

In a further setback to Corbyn's internal opponents, a ballot of members shows Corbyn triumphing with 62 per cent of the vote among Labour members, bettering his 49 per cent first round performance among "full" Labour members, easily defeating Hilary Benn (15 per cent), Dan Jarvis (12 per cent), Angela Eagle (six per cent) and Lisa Nandy (three per cent). But in a surprise for those around the Labour leadership who had hoped that John McDonnell might be a viable midterm replacement, the shadow chancellor attracts just 29 per cent in a mock ballot including Jarvis, Eagle, Nandy, Owen Smith and deputy leader Tom Watson. 

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Tony Blair won't endorse the Labour leader - Jeremy Corbyn's fans are celebrating

The thrice-elected Prime Minister is no fan of the new Labour leader. 

Labour heavyweights usually support each other - at least in public. But the former Prime Minister Tony Blair couldn't bring himself to do so when asked on Sky News.

He dodged the question of whether the current Labour leader was the best person to lead the country, instead urging voters not to give Theresa May a "blank cheque". 

If this seems shocking, it's worth remembering that Corbyn refused to say whether he would pick "Trotskyism or Blairism" during the Labour leadership campaign. Corbyn was after all behind the Stop the War Coalition, which opposed Blair's decision to join the invasion of Iraq. 

For some Corbyn supporters, it seems that there couldn't be a greater boon than the thrice-elected PM witholding his endorsement in a critical general election. 

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