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Scottish charity tweets that JK Rowling is a "bitch" for her Better Together campaign donation

A Scottish charity called the Dignity Project has tweeted that the Harry Potter author is a "bitch" for coming out against Scottish independence.

A Scottish charity called the Dignity Project, also known as the African Child Education Programme, has tweeted that Harry Potter author JK Rowling is a "bitch", linking to a Guardian article about her donating £1m to the anti-Scottish independence Better Together campaign. The author made her support for the campaign public today.

Whether it's an official view of the charity, a rogue individual with access to its Twitter account, or an employee whose private views on Facebook have been accidentally linked to the charity's Twitter account, the tweet's been up there for two hours and is causing outrage on the social media site.

Not a very dignified response... 



The charity claims it's been hacked and is not responsible for the tweet. However, there is talk and screengrabbery on Twitter suggesting its chairman Bill Wood may have posted the comment on his Facebook, which was linked to the Twitter account.


This mole reckons some Veritaserum would help matters...

I'm a mole, innit.