Novel of the week
By Patricia Duncker - 16 April 13:00


Jane Stevenson <em>Jonathan Cape, 304pp, £15.99</em>

ISBN 0224061402

A scratchy woollen jumper that doesn't quite fit. Adam Newey finds too much romanticised Oirishness in Seamus Heaney's poetry
By Adam Newey - 16 April 13:00

Electric Light

Seamus Heaney <em>Faber and Faber, 96pp, £14.99 hbk</em>

ISBN 0571207626

The death match
By Henry Sheen - 16 April 13:00

Dynamo: defending the honour of Kiev

Andy Dougan<em> Fourth Estate, 254pp, £14.99</em>

ISBN 1841

No lunch today. Jo-Anne Nadler explains why the Tories secretly love Alastair Campbell
By Jo-Anne Nadler - 16 April 13:00

The Control Freaks

Nicholas Jones <em>Politico's Publishing, 256pp, £18.99</em>

ISBN 1902301765

Feminist icon
By Rachel Cooke - 09 April 13:00

Hellish Nell: last of Britain's witches

Malcolm Gaskill <em>Fourth Estate, 402pp, £15.99</em>


Wedding bells and blues
By Victoria Griffin - 09 April 13:00

A History of the Wife

Marilyn Yalom <em>Rivers Oram Press/Pandora, 408pp, £20</em>

ISBN 08635842

Here's to you, Mr R
By Peter Riddell - 09 April 13:00

The Paymaster: Geoffrey Robinson, Maxwell and new Labour

Tom Bower <em>Simon & Schuster, 272pp, £1

No More Bother To Him
By Bernard O'Donoghue - 09 April 13:00

Poem - <em>In memoriam Paul O'Flinn 14/3/2001</em>

Novel of the week
By Matthew Jennings - 09 April 13:00

The Bone Hunter

Tom Holland <em>Little, Brown, 352pp, £10.99</em>

ISBN 0316648191

Love brings the fall
By Zulfikar Abbany - 02 April 13:00


Peter Nadas. Translated by Imre Goldstein <em>Jonathan Cape, 144pp, £10</em>

ISBN 022406136

God bless him
By Julian Keeling - 02 April 13:00

Ronnie Kray: a man among men

Laurie O'Leary <em>Headline, 280pp, £16.99</em>

ISBN 0747270295

Novel of the week
By James Hopkin - 02 April 13:00

The Oversight

Will Eaves <em>Picador, 258pp, £12</em>

ISBN 0330481398

Sammy White Cloud
By Adam Newey - 02 April 13:00

The Other Side of Eden

Hugh Brody<em> Faber and Faber, 374pp, £20</em>

ISBN 0571205968

Magical mystery man
By Kathryn Hughes - 02 April 13:00

The Queen's Conjuror: the science and magic of Dr Dee

Benjamin Woolley <em>HarperCollins, 320pp, £

The finest critic of her generation
By Jason Cowley - 02 April 13:00

Appreciation - Jason Cowleyon the life and work of Elizabeth Young, a daring and original reader

It's all just meat. Julian Evans declares that eating people is not wrong, after reading a feeble study of cannibalism
By Julian Evans - 02 April 13:00

Cannibal: the history of the people-eaters

Daniel Korn, Mark Radice and Charlie Hawes <em>Channel

Man on a mission
By Mick Hume - 26 March 13:00

In the Name of Justice: the television reporting of John Pilger

Anthony Hayward <em>Bloomsbury, 41

Bedlam's phrophet. James Buchan on the reviled historian David Irving - "half gentleman, half scholar, but the wrong halves"
By James Buchan - 26 March 13:00

The Holocaust on Trial: history, justice and the David Irving libel case

D D Guttenplan <em>Granta

Diary of a nobody
By Wendy Holden - 26 March 13:00


Sylvia Smith <em>Canongate, 208pp, £9.99</em>

ISBN 1841950955

Fiction of the week
By Nicholas Clee - 26 March 13:00

Licks of Love

John Updike <em>Hamish Hamilton, 368pp, £16.99</em>

ISBN 024114129X

A staircase of corpses. J G Ballard celebrates the enduring appeal of film noir
By J G Ballard - 26 March 13:00

Build My Gallows High

Geoffrey Homes <em>Prion, 153pp, £6.99</em>

ISBN 1853754129

Into that darkness
By James Hopkin - 26 March 13:00

Spectator in Hell

Colin Rushton (and Arthur Dodd) <em>Summersdale, 255pp, £7.99</em>

ISBN 184024

Unseated rider
By Bronwen Maddox - 26 March 13:00

Dark Horses & Black Beauties: animals, women, a passion

Melissa Holbrook Pierson <em>Granta Books,

Novel of the week
By Martyn Goff - 19 March 12:00

The Whites of Gold

Samuel Lock <em>Cape, 188pp, £10</em>

ISBN 0224061208

Towards the Fuhrer
By Richard Gott - 19 March 12:00

The Hitler of History: Hitler's biographers on trial

John Lukacs <em>Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 290pp,

Distant voices
By Jason Cowley - 19 March 12:00

A Double Thread: a childhood memoir in Mile End - and beyond

John Gross <em>Chatto & Windus, 220pp