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"Amercia is with Mitt"

Gaffe-tastic Romney fails with launch of official app

New Statesman
"Mittens" Romney. Photograph: Getty Images

Mitt Romney will definitely be the Republican candidate for the presidency, now that his win Texas primary has secured him the 1144 delegates required. Unfortunately, he followed that up with a collossal gaffe: releasing an official iPhone app which prominently misspells the name of the country he wants to be president of:

The app takes users' photos and superimposes a number of focus-grouped captions over the top, including "We're with Mitt", "I'm with Mitt" "American Greatness", "I'm a Mom for Mitt" and, yes, "A Better Amercia". The Amercia is with Mitt tumblr has wasted no time in pairing these with appropriate images:


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