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In this week’s New Statesman: Where’s my future?

Inside the student protest movement | John Pilger: Australia’s Katrina moment | Jimmy Wales intervie


In this week's New Statesman, Laurie Penny goes inside the student movement and finds a group battling to find new methods of resistance. Elsewhere, Samira Shackle meets the leaders of UK Uncut and Jody McIntyre, who was pulled out of his wheelchair by police officers at a recent demonstration, says protesters should fear for their safety.

Also this week, Mehdi Hasan says Labour has got its appetite for power back, David Blanchflower argues that it would be disastrous to raise interest rates, John Pilger reports on Australia's Katrina moment and Irwin Stelzer looks at the rights and wrongs of Ed Balls.

Elsewhere, a Sky Sports insider lifts the lid on boorishness and misogyny at the channel, Mark Watson documents his war with Frankie Boyle, Alastair Campbell names the one thing the Tories did right and Jon Bernstein meets Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.