Jack Straw endorses David Miliband for leadership

Former justice secretary says that David Miliband has the “strength and depth” to lead the Labour Pa

Jack Straw has announced that he is backing David Miliband in the Labour leadership contest.

The shadow justice secretary said that Miliband Sr "has the strength and the depth to stand up to David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions week after week, and he can stand up for the people who will be most badly hit in our communities".

Miliband said he was "honoured" to have the endorsement, commenting that "Jack Straw has worked with Labour leaders since Harold Wilson".

It is no surprise that Straw -- the "great survivor" of the New Labour project, first in the Blair camp, then in Brown's -- has made this endorsement. If nothing else, his nomination for Diane Abbott was a giveaway. Her votes came mainly from Socialist Campaign Group members and from supporters of David Miliband whom he lobbied to help her get on to the ballot paper.

However, the man whom Barbara Castle said she hired for his "guile and low cunning" is a consummate politician, known for his canny judgement. In an interview with him, the New Statesman editor, Jason Cowley, noted that he has been "a kind of political weathervane, always knowing in which direction the wind was blowing".

Miliband-D will be hoping that the judgement of this old-timer, who is soon to step back from front-line politics, is still on the money.

Samira Shackle is a freelance journalist, who tweets @samirashackle. She was formerly a staff writer for the New Statesman.

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Will Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn become Prime Minister after the 2017 general election?

Can Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn win the 2017 general election? 

Jeremy Corbyn could be the next prime minister. Admittedly, it’s highly unlikely. After less than two years as Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn is leading the party into a snap general election. Labour behind in the latest general election polls and underperformed badly in the recent local elections. But since the election was called, Labour’s position in the polls has been improving. Can we trust the general election polls?

This isn’t the first vote of national significance since his election, however, since he was in office during the 2016 EU referendum. It’s also not Corbyn’s first serious challenge: after the Brexit vote, his MPs voted “no confidence” in him and Owen Smith challenged him for the leadership. Corbyn saw off that threat to his position convincingly, so can he pull out another electoral triumph and become prime minister? 

Can Jeremy Corbyn become prime minister after the general election 2017?

Do the polls predict a Labour victory?

Since May 2015, the Conservative Party has consistently led in the polls. The latest polls give Labour ratings in the mid 30s, while the Conservatives are on the mid-40s. Recent improvements in Labour’s standing still leave Jeremy Corbyn a long way from becoming prime minister.

But should we believe the general election polls? Glen O’Hara, professor of modern and contemporary history at Oxford Brookes University, points out that the polls have been wrong before, and could be overstating Labour’s collapse. However, a 20-point gap is far outside the margin of error. A Corbyn win would be an unprecedented upset.

What is Labour's record on elections?

At the 2016 local elections, Labour did not gain any councils and lost 18 seats and 4 per cent of the vote. James Schneider, the co-founder of Momentum who is now Corbyn’s head of strategic communications, said this showed Labour was on the right trajectory, but it’s a disappointment for an opposition to make no gains. And at the Copeland by-election this February, Labour lost the seat to the Tories – the first government gain in a by-election since 1982.

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Jeremy Corbyn’s path to power would be one of the greatest surprises in British politics. But unlikely doesn’t mean impossible. It would take some extraordinary events, but it could happen. Check out the latest odds to see how the markets rate his chances.

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