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In this week's New Statesman: Clegg's Gift

Nick Clegg’s big dilemma | John Pilger: sports fans kick back | Harriet Harman interview.

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Following the dramatic increase in support for the Liberal Democrats, this week's New Statesman looks at what the rise of Nick Clegg's party means for the future of British politics.

In the politics column, Mehdi Hasan reveals that there is talk inside of the party of providing David Cameron with "supply and confidence" in the event of a hung parliament.

Elsewhere, our political correspondent, James Macintyre, has been talking to Harriet Harman. Labour's deputy leader denies that she has been "sidelined" from the campaign and says that the "arrogant" David Cameron has been found out.

Away from Westminster, John Pilger looks at how sports fans are mobilising to rescue clubs from corporate dominance and Amartya Sen explains why Adam Smith wasn't the free-market fundamentalist many assumed he was.

All this plus Mike Smithson on the latest opinion polls, Andrew Roberts on the Second World War, Kevin Maguire's Westminster diary and Dominic Sandbrook on Tony Benn.

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