Alastair Campbell is David Cameron

Who's playing who in TV leaders’ debate prep?

It reads like a biopic so appalling it would finally push the British film industry over the edge. But in fact it's a list of who is playing who as the party leaders enter their final days of rehearsals before the big TV debates kick off.

The ever-excellent Gary Gibbon has revealed the complete list. Show business for ugly people, indeed.

The Labour team

  • David Cameron played by Alastair Campbell
  • Nick Clegg played by Theo Brennan, a No 10 staffer
  • Alastair Stewart/Adam Boulton/David Dimbleby played by David Muir, Labour's top pollster

The Tory team

  • Gordon Brown played by Damian Green
  • Nick Clegg played by Jeremy Hunt
  • Alastair Stewart/Adam Boulton/David Dimbleby played by Michael Gove

The Lib Dem team

  • Gordon Brown played by Chris Huhne
  • David Cameron played by David Laws

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Watch: David Cameron calls on Jeremy Corbyn to stand down as Labour leader

The soon-to-be-ex Prime Minister shouts "for heaven's sake man, go!" in a heated exchange at Prime Minister's Questions.

Losing track of what the various players in the ongoing constitutional crisis believe? Sick of politicians flip-flopping? Starting, frankly, to get tired of the whole thing?

At today's PMQs, David Cameron looked equally rattled - but he managed to make one thing clear. After Jeremy Corbyn made a reference to Cameron's imminent departure from the top post, the Prime Minister replied by saying the Labour leader should also stand down.

"It might be in my party’s interest for him to sit there," Cameron said. "It's not in the national interest. I would say: for heaven’s sake, man, go!"

Watch the clip below:

I'm a mole, innit.