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Sizzle sizzle sizzle

David "the Sizzler" Cameron on Barack Obama (or The Incredibles: Part II)

My colleague James Macintyre revealed this week that Barack Obama, while visiting the UK during his presidential campaign, dismissed David Cameron as all sizzle.

Well, here's the Sizzler in action! On his very own webcam. Sorry, webcameron.


Personally, I think this little film could have a run at the Baftas (note the drama of the beginning. Cameron - seemingly unaware of the camera filming his every move - hard at work reading the newspaper headlines as the ringing tones of Obama resonate from the telly . . . It's heart-clutching stuff). But, in the meantime, please count the number of times Cameron says "Incredible!" or "Incredibly!" or "Amazing!". The whole film, I suspect, could possibly be condensed into a few words: "Barack, BE MY FRIEND. I am so much more than a mere sizzler!"



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