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So. Farewell then, Sarah Palin

Don't cry for me, Alaaaaaska

Today we visit the Anchorage Daily Planet to mourn the passing of Sarah Palin as governor of Alaska. There she was, dishing out salmon burgers and shaking her proverbial fist at all the meanies trying to bring her down with their ethics complaints, and we could only watch and weep.

Thank goodness for Tom Brennan at the Planet, who provides us with a surprising but inspired comparison of Palin to... wait for it... Eva Peron. Of course! Both were loved and hated in equal measure by their people, and notes Brennan, there was a striking visual similarity too:

If Peron had darkened her hair and lost a few pounds -- not that many -- they would have been dead ringers.

She's yet to have a musical written about her but it can only be a matter of time. In the meantime, let's hear it from SP herself, via that reflective medium of Twitter:

Ain't gonna shut my mouth/I know there's got to be a few hundred million more like me/just trying to keep it free.



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