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Shock! Horror! Tory lead in the marginals also gets slashed . . .

The Labour fightback continues, as we predicted.

It is only a matter of time, argues one bullish minister, before polls in the marginals narrow as well.

● From our cover story in the New Statesman on Thursday.

New blow for Tories as lead slips in marginals

● Headline on the front cover of the Independent on Friday.


UPDATE: I just spotted this interesting line over at Left Foot Forward:

A seperate analysis of 37 polls this year, carried out by Left Foot Forward -- using data from UK Polling Report -- shows that, on current trends, Labour is set to overtake the Conservatives in the week of the election, widely predicted to be May 6th.

Is my colleague James Macintyre about to become Britain's most prescient political journalist?

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