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Rio Ferdinand's tweet flirts with Contempt of Court laws

Footballer tweets about "Liar Liar" as the court case between his brother Anton and John Terry begins.

Rio Ferdinand, in July 2011. Photo: Getty Images

This morning Chelsea captain John Terry went on trial over accusations that he verbally abused QPR defender Anton Ferdinand last October.

Terry denies the charges, and the trial is expected to last for five days.

At 12.23pm today, Rio Ferdinand - Anton's brother - sent out this cryptic tweet:

Whatever could he be referring to? Whatever it was, 2,450 people liked it enough to retweet it.

The Guardian's Dan Sabbagh, who picked up on the tweet, had this to say:

[With] 3m followers @rioferdy5 ought to be careful. Why should he provide a commentary on trials press can't?

He later added:

Guardian lawyers saying Rio tweet probably not contempt as hearing before mags court BUT this goes to heart of integrity of trials

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