Permission to brag breaks the 125,000 hits barrier and continues to climb

Permit me a small boast. When we relaunched our hits were somewhere around the 60,000 mark and they’ve been growing ever since. Last week we sprinted past 100,000 to the 111,000 mark. Then this week we discovered we’d hit 125,000. Much whooping and cheering could be heard from our luxurious offices in Victoria.

We’ve also been very pleased with the number of comments that appeared on various articles. The excerpt from Nick Cohen’s book attracted more than 20 and because we had so many letters from readers we posted some of those because we ran out of space on our letters pages.

Our stats show that John Pilger has a massive following but then I think we’d already worked that out!

What’s also interesting is that people are finding old articles – years old in some cases – and commenting on those. Of course we get the odd nasty but, on the whole, the level of debate online has been excellent, firing – if I may say so – off our first class content

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