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Sponsored post: The Cravat Comeback & The Return of The Dapper Gentleman

How a modern-day revival of the Day Cravat is emerging back onto the fashion scene.

Until recently, the word ‘Cravat’ carried the label of antiquarianism and gentry, with notions of a 19th century period drama, or perhaps the stereotypical image of an aristocratic gentleman, past his prime, fashioned with a smoking jacket and a monocle.


Cravat Club, a UK based online store specialising in cravats, is attempting to bring it back into fashion with a trendier and fresher image for the style-oriented gentleman, while shaking off its outdated undertones.


Cravat Club’s image appeals to the newly established target market to gentlemen in their late-20s to 40s (though still popular with the older gentlemen too), and subsequently sees the demand growing as men become more fashion-conscious.