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6 September 2016

Ken Livingstone defends Keith Vaz – by immediately talking at length about Hitler

With friends like these...

By Media Mole

Picture the scene. You’re a senior politician. You’ve been caught up in a sex scandal. The press are all over it. Your job has been hanging in the balance as the details of the story have painfully unfolded. You’ve had to resign. Won’t anybody come to my rescue?! you cry.

And then you switch on the telly, and there’s Ken Livingstone.

Yes, the former London Mayor, Labour politician, and Jew-Botherer General was on the news today defending the now ex-Home Affairs Select Committee chair and Labour MP, Keith Vaz, who has been embroiled in prostitution allegations.


In a statement to the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire, Livingstone said everybody makes mistakes” and I think someone’s private life should be private, about the Vaz row. And then, true to form, immediately began speaking at length about Hitler. Again.

“To suggest that Hitler was a Zionist is mad,” he said, attempting to defend his past controversial comments about Hitler and Zionism in a rambling statement about early Nazi policy. He loathed and feared Jews all his life but he did do a deal with the Zionist movement in the 1930s.

That’s what friends are for, eh.