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10 March 2022

How CENTRED Can Transform Your Next Business Trip

The invite-only app makes sure your wellness does not suffer while traveling on business.

As the world was gripped by the pandemic and business travel shut down, many of us were able to address imbalances in our lives. As the world begins to move again, there is trepidation that some of the silver linings of a difficult 18 months will be lost. CENTRED, a new travel and wellness concierge app, aims to ensure the return of business travel does not come at the expense of personal health.

Travel is, of course, not as easy as it used to be. There are Covid-19 tests to take, vaccination statuses to prove and understandable angst at leaving the comfort of your own home, city and state. The pressure is particularly acute for frequent business travelers, who may have grown used to the extra time afforded by virtual meetings. CENTRED takes the stress out of travel by acting as a virtual concierge that keeps your life going no matter where your next business trip takes you.

So how does it work?

Let’s say you have been working from your home in New York since March 2020. Then, you get a call. Your boss needs you in Los Angeles for a meeting next week. It’s exciting to be on the move again, but your world has changed since the last business trip. How do you keep the fitness routine up? What about that doctor’s appointment? And, naturally, your once world-class travel essentials game is a shadow of its former self.

Your friend tells you about CENTRED and sends you an invite code. There’s no joining fee, so you instantly gain access to a virtual platform dedicated to making travel and wellness easier, and life more enjoyable. The team behind CENTRED have visited well over 100 countries cumulatively, so they have intimate knowledge of the services that frequent flyers value most. It also means they can provide on-the-ground, local information in every major destination around the world.

CENTRED offers a range of exclusive travel and wellness services / ©CENTRED

The first thing you notice on the app is the ability to upload your latest negative Covid-19 test or proof of vaccination to a safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant e-wallet, so it is always at your fingertips as you make your way across the country.

Then, you explore the Travel Essentials section to find a curated range of luxury brands from clothing to travel-friendly products offered at a rate exclusive to CENTRED members. The same goes for airport lounges. There are over 800 vetted wellness lounges worldwide, all of which provide you with guaranteed access and can be booked in the app, once again at an exclusive rate.

That’s enough to get you to your destination, but what about when you get there? That’s where CENTRED really comes into its own.

You have been to LA before, but not since the pandemic began. There’s no telling if that gym or fitness studio you loved last time is still open. CENTRED has partnered with boutique studios across the world so you can find the right environment to keep your fitness goals on track. And if there is no fitness studio in your neighborhood, the app has a range of on-demand fitness classes that can be undertaken anywhere, anytime. The same goes for restaurants: The CENTRED Concierge is on hand for your special requests, like booking a table at the best sushi place in town.

You land in LA and before the meeting decide you want to look your best. The Beauty & Wellness Concierge helps you find and book the right hairstylist close to your location and even a massage for a post-meeting wind-down.

Reaching your hotel, you remember that doctor’s appointment you are going to miss. You have no choice but to cancel but still want to get your prescription filled as soon as possible. Centred offers HIPAA-compliant tele-health, which allows you to book a virtual appointment 24/7. You’re speaking with a licensed, Western physician within the hour and have the refill prescription ready and waiting nearby.

This isn’t just business travel made easy in the Covid-19 era. This is business travel reinvented entirely.

The Wellness Hotel Concierge

You return from LA. The meeting has gone exceptionally well and it rekindles your love for last-minute travel. It’s time to reward yourself with a vacation. Step back onto the CENTRED app to explore the possibilities. With a range of partners, you can instantly book your preferred hotel at an exclusive rate. The Wellness Hotel Concierge then takes over, helping to turn your well-earned vacation into the dream experience you deserve. The concierge can even plan your trip from door-to-destination and back again, taking your wants and needs into consideration to build a trip tailored to your unique circumstances.

CENTRED is now available on the App Store and Android today! New Statesman readers can gain free and exclusive access to CENTRED using the invite code ETVVIP. Visit for more information.

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