WATCH: Boris Johnson’s dad dumbfounds journalist with “breast or thigh” gaffe

Stanley Johnson tries to make a joke about Christmas dinner – and realises his mistake…

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A journalist for BBC Points West asked Boris Johnson’s dad Stanley what happens at Christmas lunch in the Johnson family household, considering their differing views about Brexit.

“Well Christmas lunch, you eat the turkey,” he replied. “You have to decide, there’s some pretty key decisions to be made, I mean, you’ve got some Remainers on one side and Leavers on the other, my line is to say, okay chaps, what is it going to be? Is it going to be breast or is it going to be thigh?”

Unable for a few seconds to believe that the Prime Minister’s father would make a reference to “thigh” following the recent allegations that Johnson had squeezed women’s thighs under the table, the journalist splutters in response: “Yeah, and what does Boris say? Does he say the, does Boris say the same? Does Boris say breast or thigh?”

As Stanley realises his gaffe, he lets out a kind of desperate, soundless laugh and adds: “When I say breast or thigh, I’m talking about the turkey, let me be clear. Ok folks.”

Oh dear, watch it here:

I'm a mole, innit.

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