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4 February 2019

What is Turning Point UK? The launch of right-wing youth group is going as well as expected

The “white supremacist” American import is getting the British welcome it deserves.

By Media Mole

Turning Point, a right-wing American youth group, has started up a UK branch, and it is going just great. Since the new chapter launched last week, with the backing of Nigel Farage himself, the conservative project has been a target for widespread derision aimed at its posh-faced members, its cringey slogans, and for its inability to not get trolled by fake accounts pretending to be them.

For the uninitiated, Turning Point USA is a right-wing pressure group targeted at millennials, which has been classed by the Southern Poverty Law Centre as being “white supremacists”. Engaging young people with cool, creative slogans like “Socialism SUCKS!” and “Big government SUCKS!”, it is full of entirely normal 20-somethings who post video of themselves sitting on the floor of their bedrooms, wearing a shirt and a blazer. It was founded by ex-Breitbart contributor Charlie Kirk.

From labelling the members by “how much ass they’ve eaten”, to saying they look like disappointed parents after a school evening, to, in a now tragically deleted tweet, hypothesising what they call their fathers (“daddy”, “sir”, and “papa”),memes based on TP UK are now everywhere.

Turning Point UK has so far not addressed this derision, other than saying they don’t think people should be making fun of their tiny faces. And despite its big splash, some are already expecting it will fold in a matter of weeks.

But, even if it does, there’s one thing Turning Point UK already has achieved: bringing everyone on a splintered left together to rinse them to fuck.