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Ukip’s horrific new leaflet for the Lewisham East by-election


By Media Mole

In keeping with the far-right tradition of fearmongering about “no-go zones” in London, Ukip has published a truly horrific racially-charged leaflet.

Ahead of the Lewisham East by-election, its candidate David Kurten is distributing this leaflet – with the words “STOP THE KARNAGE” written in block capitals on an image of a knife.

Its overtones are deafening. “KHANAGE” – using the London mayor’s second name in such a stark and aggressive way – sends a wider message about how Ukip types feel about having a Muslim mayor.

Add to that the knife outline for extreme scaremongering, and the fascist chic red-and-black colour scheme with military stamp-style lettering, and the imagery becomes even more violent.

Ukip’s message? That a Muslim mayor has made the capital’s streets a bloodbath, and voters need to fight back. Luckily, it appears the people of Lewisham will see right through it.