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16 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn’s new PMQs has Tory MPs turning to tranquil pursuits like sketching MPs

The Tory MP Charlotte Leslie used the polite new atmosphere in the Commons chamber to do some lovely sketches.

By Media Mole

You’re a Tory MP. You’re ready for battle. It’s one minute to 12 on a Wednesday and your main man Cam’s taken the stage. You prepare your throat for your finest bray, which you’ve been practising for weeks over the summer recess. But then… Jeremy Corbyn appears and brings respect and calm to the proceedings. The Prime Minister avoids turning the colour of a sunburnt plum. Everyone’s friends.

So what do you do now?

Charlotte Leslie, the Conservative MP for Bristol North West, decided to pass the time by doodling some really rather nice sketches of people on the Labour frontbench:

You’re not allowed to take photos in the Commons chamber (a rule that has caught out new MPs in the past – and spurred SNP MPs on to take selfies), so Leslie got round this by capturing a historic moment in Labour’s history (Corbyn’s first PMQs) by drawing instead.

In the mild new world of British politics, expect more of this. Theresa May practising the swannee whistle, maybe. Jacob Rees-Mogg growing jasmine up the government benches. A DUP a cappella choir.

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