Andy Burnham describes Jeremy Corbyn as "the other frontrunner"

Tricky thing, language. 


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With just weeks to go before the most exciting race since the Mole watched a single drip of of paint slide down a wall comes to an end - registration to vote in the contest to pick Ed Miliband's successor closes at 12 noon - it appears that Team Burnham are finally beginning to panic.

John Lehal, the campaign's chief, has sent out an email to Burnham supporters asking them to get as many of their mates to sign up to vote for the People's Andy. 

In a sentence of admirable chutzpah, Lehal admits that "the truth is the other frontrunner for leader - Jeremy Corbyn - has got thousands of his supporters to register to vote.

Your Mole, unlike Andy Burnham, is not an English Literature student - the Mole studied Classics - but is convinced that being a frontrunner is an exclusive title. There is no "other frontrunner". There's just Jezza. 

The full letter is below. Smell the desperation:

Registered supporters are a new category of voter in this Leadership Election. They are people who share Labour’s values, so they are given an opportunity to take part in decisions relating to the Party.

And they could make a huge difference to the outcome of this election. There are some reports that there could be as many as 100,000 registered supporters voting in this election.

It costs just £3 to register as a supporter. And the truth is, the other frontrunner for Leader - Jeremy Corbyn - has got thousands of his supporters to register to vote.

We now need to right that balance - and unfortunately time is against us. There are less than 24 hours left until the deadline closes to register as a supporter, at 12 noon tomorrow.

The easiest way to register is to send a text message which costs £3*. It’s as simple as that.

Will you do your bit to help register as many new Andy supporters before tomorrow’s deadline?

Please forward this email to your friends and family and ask them to vote for Andy by texting:

LABOUR to 78555 

Alternatively, they can sign up online by clicking here.

With your help, we can make sure that Andy is elected Leader in September, and we can return Labour to government in 2020.

Thank you,

John Lehal

Campaign Director

PS: If you haven’t yet read Andy’s manifesto, you can do so here. Together, we can make sure these policies become a reality under the next Labour government. But to do that, Andy needs to be elected Leader in September. Please forward this email onto your friends and family and ask them to register as a Labour Party supporter by texting the number or clicking on the link above.


I'm a mole, innit.

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