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Top Ten Creative Campaigns | PETA | 1981 to Present

Dressing as a sheep and wrapping up female bodies to look like meat are some of the tactics that Pet

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) first caught the public's attention in 1981 when Alex Pacheco, a member of the group, went undercover as a researcher at the Institute of Behavioural Research in Maryland's monkey testing laboratories.

Police were alerted to the unacceptable way in which the monkeys were being treated.

Through various campaigns PETA has gained a reputation for sensational campaigns.

Since 1994, public figures, including model Naomi Campbell, have caused controversy by stripping off for ad campaigns, proclaiming 'we'd rather go naked than wear fur'.

In July and August 2010, Peta's Meat is Murder Campaign saw volunteers in Times Square lay down nearly naked in giant plastic wrapped meat trays, splattered in fake blood.

A less sexually charged campaign in August 2010 saw campaigners take turns to dress up as a giant sheep called Lucy and trail Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in protest against cruelty in the Australian wool industry.

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